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Lecture Schedule

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Upcoming Talks and Pub Chats, Fall 2017

L'Abri Canada will be hosting events for the Fall. Anyone is welcome! These events are free to join. If you have any questions or if you'd like to receive regular notices for these events, please email us at

Talks and discussions begin this September at 6485 West Saanich Road at 7 PM. Please come early (6 PM) for some soup, bread, and salad. Bring some food along if you'd like to help us have food for everyone. At the talks we will have tea, coffee, and dessert.


Fall Term

15 September - Clarke Scheibe - "The Five Themes of L'Abri"

22 September - Clarke Scheibe - "Sensuality and Sensitivity to the Spirit"

29 September - Liz Snell - "Art and Reality"

6 October - Clarke Scheibe - "Daniel 1and Identity Politics"

13 October - Clarke Scheibe - "The Picture Perfect Life: How Photos Influence Us"

Winter Term

3 November - Clarke Scheibe, "Is Compassion the Essence of all Religion? A Look at Karen Armstrong's Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life"

10 November - Liz Snell, "Talking to Ourselves: Solitude, Community, and Technology"

17 November - Nathan Lindquist, "Science, Nanotechnology, and Faith: A Christian Perspective on a Rapidly Developing Field"

24 November - Clarke Scheibe, A look at Daniel 2

1 December - Clarke Scheibe, "Integrating Education and Reality"