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(View from Mt Newton on Saanich Peninsula)

Home sweet home?

“We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.” (Proverbs 16:33)

Dear Friends and Family,

Pray for our upcoming offer on a property. Just about a week ago Julia and I heard about a potential property for L’Abri. After we viewed it this past Thursday, along with dozens of other interested parties, we believe that this is the perfect place going forward. We will be putting in an offer on Wednesday, at noon Pacific (PT); that's tomorrow! Please pray for this particularly. In this "hot market," we will probably not be the only ones making an offer and could be alongside two or more other offers. We have done all that we can to make ours as “strong” as possible, and we will have literally emptied our bank account to do so.

Please pray that the work can begin again, after almost two years, where we can welcome guests to Vancouver Island, into our homes, and into the loving presence of Jesus Christ. In our time here, we have come to believe all the more strongly of the need for L'Abri in western Canada. A place where people can ask honest questions and see a demonstration of the transforming love of God through Christ in all areas of life. What a provision this could be!

Especially pray for our finances as we go ahead in faith. It seems that we will need around $60,000 over the next few months. With an empty bank account, and with understandably a drop in regular monthly giving (down to 15% of our monthly needs), we are unsure how the next month will go, or how we will be able to do the needed renovations on the house, or how we might even furnish the house! Yet we feel confident of the Lord's leading. Pray that people, at this moment, may gather around to give this burgeoning work a boost. I’m unsure if there is such a thing as “white-knuckled prayer” but I believe that is what I would call my present posture.

This property is beautiful and awkward in a perfect L’Abri way. It is a flat two-acre property, slightly treed, with a large angular home in the middle of it. It sits on farm land, surrounded by other farms. The family who has lived on the property for the past 10 - 15 years are a 4-H family, with chickens, a pig, and other small animals. The house faces south, toward a large open crop field. There is a busy country road beside us, which is slightly loud, not unlike the road that runs in front of Chalet Bellevue of Swiss L’Abri, but it is also one of the few roads that allows guests to arrive by bus. It is only two miles from the world-famous Butchart Gardens. Not to mention access to local shops, numerous trails, and nearby ocean front. Oh, I could wax far longer on this property but this is a time for prayer. If we are able to purchase this property this Wednesday (tomorrow!), I will have plenty of time to speak of its many merits. May the Lord bless our prayer.


Clarke Scheibe
L’Abri Canada
P.S. If you have any further questions or if you want to send your prayers via email, please email us at

Offer Accepted!!

"We were filled with laughter, and we sang for joy! The Lord has done amazing things for us! What joy!" (Psalm 126:2a, 3)

Dear Friends and Family,

Yesterday at 4 PM, our offer was accepted! Even more amazingly, what was to be a competition, became a sole bid. The prospect of the competition scared the other two offers away, and it allowed us to buy the property at asking price! This saved us $20,000 (a mere pittance in this market but a whole bucket load for our day-to-day needs)! We can apply this money toward some of the renovations and furnishings. We stand back amazed at the kindness of our Lord, and have been taken at moments with surges of emotion, with tears of joy.

After a long season without a property for L'Abri, which will have been two years by possession date in June, we can now set our hearts to the work ahead with a greater sense of focus and purpose, and we can know that the relationships we have developed here will only deepen in the seasons ahead.

I can't help but think of Psalm 126, a psalm that our colleague Liz held before us in the early days of our being here. Having seen the Lord provide time and again, we held onto the hope, for good reason, that he would do so again. The psalmist remembers not only what the Lord has done in the past in order to hope in the present, but also sees such acts of the past and of the present point to that full and glorious future, where we will dwell with our God face to face and with one another with hearts unveiled and unashamed, where we will harvest what had been planted as tears as shouts of joy!

I asked you to take a moment to pray two days ago. I'm so thankful for the many encouraging prayers sent along to us. Can you now take a moment to praise our good God alongside us? We'd love to hear from you as well at 

Clarke Scheibe

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