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St. Louis L'Abri Conference - 2016:

October 15, 2016

"Finding Truth: Apologetics in a Secular Age"

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Eventbrite - St. Louis L'Abri Conference - 2016: "Finding Truth: Apologetics in a Secular Age"


Jerram Barrs - An Apology for Apologetics

Dick Keyes - What is Cultural Apologetics?

Greg Jesson - In Search of Knowledge: Is there a Destination or Just a Journey?


Dick Keyes - Apologetics and the Diagnosis of the Human Condition

Greg Jesson - Thinking About Proofs for God's Existence: What They Can and Can't Do

Jerram Barrs - Did the OT Prophets and NT Apostles use Pagan Myths in their Communication of God's Word?

Larry Snyder - Language, Imagination and Beauty: Helpful Pointers to Truth in a Secular World

Mark Ryan - How to be Religious in the Public Square: Thoughts on what the Culture Needs from Christians

Classical Guitar Concert: Alyssa Catlin

What is a L'Abri Conference?

L'Abri is the French word for shelter. The L'Abri ministry was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer in 1955 to provide an environment where Christians and non-Christians could seek answers to questions about God and truth. Following in that tradition, a L'Abri Conference is an opportunity through lectures, discussions, and personal interaction, to feed and hone the mind in an effort to deepen one's understanding of what it means to be a Christian in our society. The on-campus housing and mealtimes are designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas among conferees and speakers.