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St. Louis L'Abri Conference:

For the past 20 years the Rochester L'Abri has hosted an annual L'Abri Conference in Rochester, Minnesota every February. Given the popularity of these Conferences, we decided to bring the best of this Conference to the St. Louis area. We now host an annual St. Louis Conference every fall that is a shorter version of the Rochester Conference. It has the same theme and plenary speakers but takes place over just one Saturday. This year will be our fourth St. Louis Conference. We do hope this will continue to be a helpful service to our many friends in this region.

2015 St. Louis L'Abri Conference: October 17th

Defending Life and Liberty in a Brave New World

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Eventbrite - St. Louis L'Abri Conference - Defending Life and Liberty in a Brave New World


Dick Keyes - Life, Liberty and God
Dr. David Lyon - The Surveillance Stakes: Defending Freedom and Dignity
Richard Winter - Surrendering our Freedom in the Age of 'Soma': Living on the Edge of Addiction


Dick Keyes - Modern Tolerance: the Attack Dog of Modern Relativism
Dr. David Lyon - Why Christians should care about the Peace of Jerusalem
Richard Winter - Perfecting Ourselves to Death: The Pursuit of Excellence and the Perils of Perfectionism
Larry Snyder - Intellectual Virtues and a Watching World
Mark Ryan - Life and Liberty Lost: Interpreting ISIS and Extremist Islam

Previous Conferences:

Rochester L'Abri Conference 2015:

February 13 & 14, 2015

"Defending Life and Liberty in a Brave New World"

Four decades after Roe-v-Wade and the British have just indicated that it is 'not in the public interest' to prosecute sex-selection abortions and Belgium has just legalized euthanasia for children! Things continue to slide on the 'Life' issues. Meanwhile both the political left and right in the USA are equally outraged and concerned about the use of drones, data-mining and the growth of surveillance technologies. Big Brother looms large! Clearly, despite the sweeping criticisms of Postmodernism, the machinery of Modernity continues to grow apace and the temptations of social engineering and social control continue to threaten the most basic foundations of our humanity - our Life and our Liberty.


    The Biblical Basis for Life and Liberty - Dick Keyes
    Euthanasia and the Shifting Perception of Compassion - Henk Reitsema
    The Scandal of Bioethics - Christopher Hook
    The Surveillance Stakes: Defending Freedom and Dignity - David Lyon
    Life and Liberty in the Movies - Denis Haack
    Surrendering our Freedom in the Age of 'Soma': Living on the Edge of Addiction - Richard Winter

Workshop Speakers:

Tim Padgett, Margie Haack, Greg Jesson, Hans Madueme, Marvin Padgett, Mark Ryan, Clark Scheibe, Larry Snyder, Mike Sugimoto, Mary Frances Giles, Denny Hartford, John Mason Hodges, Richard Bradford, Jennifer Alexander, Ben Keyes.

Workshop Descriptions:

This year we are making more detailed descriptions of the workshops available online (there is limited space on the brochure for this information). We hope this will aid you in deciding on your workshop choices. Click Here


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What is a L'Abri Conference?

L'Abri is the French word for shelter. The L'Abri ministry was founded by Francis and Edith Schaeffer in 1955 to provide an environment where Christians and non-Christians could seek answers to questions about God and truth. Following in that tradition, a L'Abri Conference is an opportunity through lectures, discussions, and personal interaction, to feed and hone the mind in an effort to deepen one's understanding of what it means to be a Christian in our society. The on-campus housing and mealtimes are designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas among conferees and speakers.



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