Southborough L'Abri

Open Dates:

Autumn 2016:
September 15 - November 17

Winter 2017:
January 5 - March 23

Summer 2017:
May 11 - July 20

Autumn 2017:
September 7 - November 16

Please note that as of 2017 our student fees will be $30.00 per night


It is always best to make reservations by contacting us as early as possible to ensure we have space available. We will confirm your reservation once we receive your request (see below). If your reservation has been accepted, please contact us 3 days prior to your arrival for confirmation. If you are joining us for the entire term, please do note that all term dates given above are INCLUSIVE. We cannot accommodate people arriving before and/or wanting to stay after the dates published. If you are staying through the end of term, you should plan to depart L'Abri before lunchtime on the last day of term. Lunch and dinner will not be served on the last day.

Our space is limited so if your schedule changes or you have to cancel for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible.

The cost is $30.00 per night (US FUNDS ONLY) and all fees are to be paid upon your arrival. For longer term students (i.e., greater than one month), fees can be paid monthly in advance and the first month is due when you arrive. Fees include 3 meals per day, a bed (with sheets, blankets and pillow), towels, etc. We only accept cash and US checks. We have a Pay Pal option, but a 2% charge will be added for using PayPal.

Please also bring a check or cash for $25 dollars as a deposit for the MP3 Players- it will be given back to you at the end of your stay.


To request a reservation, please send us an email with the following information: Name, Gender, Dates of Attendance, Email Address, Phone Number, Allergies, Indication if You Are Visiting with a Spouse (if so, please complete separate reservation requests), Subject of Interest and a Brief Biography.

Please Note: Owing to limitations of space we simply cannot offer accomodation to family and/or friends who may be dropping you off or picking you up.

Please see About Your Stay for more details.