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Lecture Schedule

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All lectures begin at 8:00 pm 
Join us for tea and treats starting at 7:45pm
All lectures are held at
L'Abri Fellowship
49 Lynbrook Road
Southborough, MA 01772

May 15   Our Work and the New Jerusalem
- Joe Martin

May 22   What’s Wrong with Education in America and What We Can Do About It?
- Tyler Thigpen
May 29   Father Wound and its Impact on Your Spiritual Journey
- Rev. Doug Calhoun

June 5   Every Christian is Adopted
- Dick Keyes

June 12   Even Death on a Cross: Crucifixion in the Social World of Antiquity
- Joshua Chestnut
June 19   Jesus’ Challenge to Doubt
- Dick Keyes
June  26   “Follow Your Heart -- or Else”: The Tyranny of Feelings in Pop Music
- Ben Keyes
July 3  Why was the “First” Fourth of July Important?
- Dick Keyes                                                
July 10  The World is the Lord’s Temple: Reading Genesis 1 Through Ancient Eyes 
- Joshua Chestnut
July 17  Humility, Part I: What Christian Humility is Not
- Ben Keyes


Winter 2015 Lecture Schedule 

Jan.  9      Inscrutable and Trivial: Why Most People are Disconnected from Art
Mark Potter  (Artist/Sculptor)
Jan. 10    (9:00 AM) The Gratuitous Nature of Art and the Lessons for Everyone’s Everyday Work                        
               (11:00 AM) Whispering Lies or Whispering Truth? The Importance of Good Art on Everyone’s Kitchen Wall
Mark Potter
Jan.  16     Hearing Jesus in the Psalms (Not Recorded)
Rev. Charlie Drew (Senior Pastor, Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, NYC)
Jan.  23     Holiness and Hospitality: Reflections on Jesus’ Meals with “Sinners”
Joshua Chestnut
Jan.  30      Life, Liberty and God
Dick Keyes

Feb. 6       Why Curiosity is a Christian Virtue
Ben Keyes

Feb.  13     Screwtape’s Toast: What Democracy Isn’t
Linny Dey (Co-Founder and Academic Dean, The Imago School, Maynard, MA)
Feb.  20     You Have a Friend Request: Saving Friendship from the Twenty-first Century
Mary Frances Giles
Feb. 27      Reading Novels as a Spiritual Discipline
Beth Pocock

March 6     How Should Christians Be Tolerant?
Dick Keyes
March 13   Remembering Together: History, Community and Records
Marta Crilly (Archivist for Reference and Outreach, City of Boston)
March 20  What is Thankfulness Without God?
Ben Keyes
March 27   What Does it Mean to Fast?
Joshua Chestnut

Autumn Lecture Schedule 2014

Sept. 19     You Might be More Trinitarian Than You Thought (I): Reflections on the Trinity and the Gospel                                                         
Joshua Chestnut

Sept.  26    It's People I Can't Stand: Love for Humanity and Love for Humans
Ben Keyes

Oct. 3         Original Tolerance - The Ability to Accept Those Who are Different
Dick Keyes

Oct. 10       You Might be More Trinitarian Than You Thought (II): Reflections on the Trinity and Spiritual Practice
Joshua Chestnut

Oct. 17       New Tolerance - The Attack Dog of Modern Relativism            
Dick Keyes

Oct.  24     "Bone of My Bone": Wood Sculptures Celebrating the Meaning and Mystery of Marriage (Talk and showing of sculptures)      
Mark Potter

Oct. 31       Peter Seeing Jesus, Jesus Seeing Peter: Poetic Renderings of Gospel Texts
Sarah Chestnut

Nov. 7        Time to Play: A Developmental and Theological Model  
Mary Frances Giles

Nov. 14      "People Get Ready": The Biblical Call to be Alert
Ben Keyes