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St. Louis L'Abri Conference:

For the past 20 years the Rochester L'Abri has hosted an annual L'Abri Conference in Rochester, Minnesota every February. Given the popularity of these Conferences, we decided to bring the best of this Conference to the St. Louis area. We now host an annual St. Louis Conference every fall that is a shorter version of the Rochester Conference. It has the same theme and plenary speakers but takes place over just one Saturday. This year will be our fifth St. Louis Conference. We do hope this will continue to be a helpful service to our many friends in this region.

St. Louis L'Abri Conference - 2016:

Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Covenant Theological Seminary

"Finding Truth: Apologetics in a Secular Age"

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Jerram Barrs - An Apology for Apologetics

Dick Keyes - What is Cultural Apologetics?

Greg Jesson - In Search of Knowledge: Is there a Destination or Just a Journey?


Dick Keyes - Apologetics and the Diagnosis of the Human Condition

Greg Jesson - Thinking About Proofs for God's Existence: What They Can and Can't Do

Jerram Barrs - Did the OT Prophets and NT Apostles use Pagan Myths in their Communication of God's Word?

Larry Snyder - Language, Imagination and Beauty: Helpful Pointers to Truth in a Secular World

Mark Ryan - How to be Religious in the Public Square: Thoughts on what the Culture Needs from Christians

Classical Guitar Concert: Alyssa Catlin

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