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February 20, 2006

What a great Conference.

We had a wonderful turnout for the Rochester Conference 2006. We had some cancellations because of the bad weather, but most people were able to come out. We had about 700 hundred people come to the conference. We usually have the conference at the begining of February, but this year we pushed it back a couple of weeks. We saw a lot of new faces and a great turnout from college students.
The days were packed with information and fellowship and everything went smoothly. We were very thankful for all of the wonderful speakers and workshop leaders that came and very thankful for the wonderful people that we were able to meet. Again we will post more pictures and videos.
These photos are of the conference and one of the Rochester L'Abri student center and property.

Photo's taken by Michael D. Shivers





February 17, 2006

The Rochester Conference has Started!!

We are very excited about the Rochester Conference 2006. The first lecture this morning was packed- around 700 hundred people.
We have Michael Shivers (Videos for the website and current pictures on Swiss Site) and Sylvester Jacobs (Portrait of A Shelter Book) capturing photos and video of the conference. We will be trying to update the blog regularly and there will be a video posted of the event too in the near future.
These pictures are from Michael.










February 12, 2006

Rochester Conference this Week!!

The annual Rochester L'Abri conference starts this Friday! We are very excited about this and we are expecting a really big turn out. We look forward to the upcoming lectures and workshops. Please return to the site to see pictures and videos of the conference.

We're starting a blog

As we move into 2006, we thought we would try out using a blog. Visit this blog for thoughts, L'Abri worker writings, updates on the website and much more.