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May 27, 2007

Reflection for the Week- May 27th

May the power of the Holy Spirit deeply indwell us individually and in community as we follow the missional trajectory of witnessing to the Christ to the ends of the earth.

Dr Gregory J. Laughery

May 20, 2007

Reflection for the Week- May 20th

The Holy Spirit is not some vague impersonal force or energy, or a guide without a map merely doing his own thing. In contrast, he is a personal agent whose actions are in harmony with the Father and Son, and who therefore is a capable guide in that he points us back to them, to the map of Scripture, and how to live as we move toward our destination of imaging Christ. Clearly, the Spirit and the map are to work together. The Spirit glorifies the risen Christ, acting as his very presence, illuminating the map in accordance with the directions that unfold for followers of Christ Jesus.

From Living Spirituality: Illuminating the Path.
by Dr Gregory J. Laughery

May 13, 2007

Reflection for the Week- May 13th

In living spirituality, Christians need to take time to nourish real relationships and to build communities that represent a shared life; a life together. We should learn to fast and feast as one, share books and stories jointly, listen to each other in attentive and caring ways, support and encourage, and be willing to accept and offer loving critique where necessary. Real relationships and shared lives, with Christ at the center and empowered by the Spirit, will lead to transformation into the image of Christ. We will experience new ways of seeing, being, speaking, and acting. And this type of transformation, lived in the Christian community, is also capable of being lived out in the world to the glory of God.

From Living Spirituality: Illuminating the Path.
by Dr Gregory J. Laughery

May 06, 2007

Reflection for the Week- May 6th

Living spiritually is enhanced and enriched through the Psalms and their frequent affirmations of and appeals to God’s covenant loyalty. Many of these writings, however, may shock us with their realism. In the midst of our sometimes automatic pilot spirituality, where everything is supposedly bright and happy, some of the Psalms remind us that community with God and the path to life are far from straight forward. There is and will be brokenness, mystery, dark times, judgment, desperate searching, and much more. Though these circumstances frequently lead to illumination and new understanding, arriving there means going through—not taking a detour around—facets of spirituality that may not fit our desired schemes, notions, and expectations of God. The path may become difficult and the destination may seem far away, but God is faithful to lead us forward. The Psalms are a richly textured slice of life with God, and they offer us revelatory insights into humanness and living spirituality.

From Living Spirituality: Illuminating the Path.
by Dr Gregory J. Laughery