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August 26, 2007

Reflection for the Week- August 26th

A traumatic encounter with the living God leaves us shaken with awe and wonder. Come, oh Lord, and awaken us from our slumber. Create in us clean hearts, engraved with love and a peace that passes understanding.

>>>> Dr Gregory J. Laughery


photo by Michael D. Shivers


August 19, 2007

Reflection for the Week- August 19th

Thinking about the mundane; the hum-drum of daily living. Life is not less than this, but always more. Seems to me though that most of the time our lives are made up of the not less, and not the more. There should be both a level of acceptance and dissatisfaction with this. Accepting that this is daily life and dissatisfied that we don't yet see God face to face. All the while hoping that God injects the more in what we do. We shouldn't be consumed with the not less as the injections of the more also need to be in evidence. If not, I start scouting around for ways to escape where God has called me to live. 

>>>> Dr Gregory J. Laughery


photo by Michael D. Shivers 

August 12, 2007

Reflection for the Week- August 12th

There is a central and wonderful tension in living spirituality: grace reigns and sin matters. Now, let’s live this truth in community with God and each other.

Dr Gregory J. Laughery

August 05, 2007

Reflection for the Week- August 5th

What’s your fragrance? To those entrusted with the gospel, mission is spreading the fragrance of Christ, both to those being saved and to those who are perishing – the fragrance of life and death. The aroma of the former is like a scent that gets better and better, while the scent of the latter is like a stench that gets worse and worse.

>>>> Dr Gregory J. Laughery


photo by Michael D. Shivers