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January 27, 2008

Reflection for the Week- January 27th 2008

One reason for a lack of reality and excitement about the Christian life is due to a lack of imagination. When our imaginations are not engaged or fall dormant, our faith will begin to die. God is there, and this is not a mere matter of analysis or feeling and neither are the goal. Being in community with God, as unfolding through imagination, should be the end of the pursuit of truth.

 Dr. Gregory J. Laughery


photo by Michael D. Shivers


January 20, 2008

Reflection for the Week- January 20th 2008

Like shafts of light piercing into the depths of darkness, God illumines the world in creation and through Christ. Catch the spherical shaping and seminal configurations.



Darkness shrouds that long lost valley

Billowing grey blinds vision of fleeting sky


Crevices and curvatures

Swallowing contours of obscurity                     

Dreams of hoping, seeing


To the Heavens cries earth                      

Open a deep and lasting illumination                           

Remembering, forgetting


Moon songs glowing at dawn

Following a cherished sun gone                        

Losing recollection of the night

Waiting for light


 Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

January 13, 2008

Reflection for the Week- January 13th 2008

It’s all too easy, and in spite of best intentions, to control and dominate Scripture to the degree that it loses its voice for us. In reading Scripture, let’s be open to transformation and new ways of seeing. Monologues demand and change nothing. Dialogue is a risk and requires courage. Be risky and courageous. Hear the text well, perform it in a fitting manner, and live.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

January 06, 2008

Reflection of the Week- January 6th 2008

Wisdom emerges in our lives slowly and sometimes painfully. It invites reflection, question, and struggle. It covers everything from advice on how to take care of daily tasks, to the absurdity of them all. Wisdom, without the illumination of the fear (awe, reverence) of the Lord, loses its way. For true wisdom relates to living spirituality as it deals with facing life in all its ups and downs. God graciously meets us through living as we shape the contours of daily routines and choices, so that we might learn to wisely follow the path to life. The fear (awe, reverence) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This saying targets a two-dimensional reality: wisdom as internal; focused on the individual, and as external; situated in a variety of social contexts in the world. Life is to be filled with the gift of the wisdom of God, which applies to the whole of human activity as we forge ahead on the journey.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery