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August 30, 2010

Reflection for the Week- August 30th, 2010

If we do not inhabit the gospel story, first in imagination, and then in action, we will be unable to live it.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

August 23, 2010

Reflection for the Week- August 23rd, 2010

There is no worse testimony than when Christians miss defining moments in the history of the Christian faith. Too much gets trashed and the next generation spends most of its time digging its way out of the wreckage. I believe we are now facing a hugely significant issue that will mark the faith for years to come: science and theology. Unless we are willing to engage with new data and seriously consider our interpretations afresh, we will leave a trace that marks the faith as ignorant and arrogant.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

August 19, 2010

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August 16, 2010

Reflection for the Week- August 17th, 2010

Charity and hospitality are fading attributes. Restoring these two features of a Christian confession should be a goal that persistently dominates our sacred calling as those who follow in the footsteps of the crucified and risen One.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

August 09, 2010

Reflection for the Week- August 9th, 2010

Being and knowledge given. What a sensible perspective. The given precedes being and knowledge, as the One who gives stands apart from and is prior to all else. This theological consideration has strong implications for philosophy and the whole of life. That is, ontology and epistemology cannot go it alone, as both are preceded by a life of giveness, which has to begin to be recognized for what it is.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

August 02, 2010

Reflection for the Week- August 2nd, 2010

Freed for life in a new community with the one who was, is, and will always be, is a startling experience. Broken and enslaved to dying, moment by moment, brings sadness and lament. Renewal shatters the well worn grooves of non-existence, overcoming the threat of terror that so quietly, yet powerfully aims at the grave.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery