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March 28, 2011

Reflection for the Week- March 28th, 2011

The biblical text is comprised of a medley of genres that reflect on and name God. To be sure the Revealed One inspires the plot and characters in the story, who are given creative license to explore and configure the Being who Is. Prophecy, apocalyptic, wisdom, law, psalm, and narrative send polyphonic tremors throughout the textual sea, as Infinite meets finite and tracks the traces of the communicative action of the Speaker. Surely, now we can move critically through and gently beyond Descartes, Kant, and Hegel, or the likes of the more contemporary influences of Heidegger, Derrida, and Ricoeur, as we seek to encounter a naming and thinking which stands next to none.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

March 21, 2011

Reflection for the Week- March 21st, 2011

Cacophony drums its steady beat through the soul, leaving a scar of perplexity. Faced with a surging discordance, our attempts to recover and to find concordance seem vain. Like being told a never ending story in which we struggle to discover the plot, hope seems to escape, as a vapor that disappears with the rising sun. Behind the shades of disheartening and the lines not yet written, however, lies the searing character of unbound love, which creeps into the narrative with a shattering power that goes beyond the resonance of time.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

March 14, 2011

Reflection for the Week- March 14th, 2011

Finding shelter in our world from the vacuous and inconsequential is harder and harder to do; the rhythm of trite leaves us exposed to a devaluing of heart, mind, and imagination. Rapid-fire bs captures the air waves and infiltrates our capacity to think clear and true thoughts that can be lived, in contrast to the prevailing and woeful meltdown of the critical adventure. While it’s true that criticism is never to be an end in and of itself, it is an essential component to chasten naïveté and to promote the virtuous life of following in the footsteps of Christ. Engage, critique, embrace―the Infinite One, other, and world; the given of giveness and the power of this trinity that offers us the spooky haven of relationality; the space to dwell in oneself as another.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

March 07, 2011

Reflection for the Week- March 7th, 2011

Scripture provides direction, but does not work out every detail, as to how we are to live in the world. Surely, there are many clear imperatives that shed light on the path and we should be grateful for the revelatory insight and knowledge we do have. Yet, the biblical text often challenges us to express these truths in compassionate and loving ways that takes the other seriously; ontologically, epistemologically, and ethically. This means that if we are to find traction, there’s no use looking for simple formulas or mechanisms. Conversely, we have to stand against that which will insulate us from the relationality that forces otherhood upon us, and see that it creates a myriad of joyfully taxing choices concerning how to live responsibly as God’s people in the twenty-first century. May we have the strength, patience, and wisdom to do so for the sake of Christ.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery