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September 24, 2012

Reflection for the Week- September 24th, 2012

When it comes to the discernment of diversion from the gospel, we require a fine balance between trust and suspicion; trusting trust and suspicion and being suspicious of trust and suspicion, in relationship to the referents for both. Cunning rhetoric and lofty speech are powerful players that can divert believers’ attention from sincere devotion to Christ. To receive someone’s words is therefore a continual challenge; a task and a joy. We want to be listening carefully, as there are multitudes of ways in which people portray the gospel; health, wealth, and consumerism being just three of a diversity of bogus representations that are set in place as substitutes for the real thing. Let’s face it, in our day and age, gospel can mean just about anything people want it to, unless it is diligently described and its sense and referent tracked by careful research and study of the biblical text.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

September 17, 2012

Reflection for the Week- September 17th, 2012

Sunrises and sunsets are filled with beauty. When we perceive the reds, blues, and oranges, we’re struck to the core and feelings of awe and wonder majestically flow through us. At the same time, these natural world phenomena are connected to the mechanism of the earth turning round the sun. Such pictures of reality are composed of these two dimensions and much, much more. Sometimes we will want to have a greater focus on one aspect and at different times, the other, but if we attempt to live off mechanism or feelings alone, we will surely die. Intriguingly, in this sense, the complexity and integration of reality promotes life and having it more fully. In something of a mysterious way, we’re tethered to reality, yet reality is tethered to us. 

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

September 10, 2012

Reflection for the Week- September 10th, 2012

Betrayal and rejection in the face of love is an awful thing. My wager is that, if and when this horrific experience happens to us, it is also in tears, one of the unenviable ways we are closest to God.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

September 03, 2012

Reflection for the Week- September 3rd, 2012

Looking for contact with God can sometimes seem to be an arduous task. Often we expect something direct – a clear pathway opening up between God and us, like the wrestling Jacob, the law receiving Moses, or the barren Sarah, yet are disappointed when this does not usually take place. Perhaps, our vision would improve if we begin to reflect on the indirect ways in which God, through nature, the trustworthy other, and Scripture, can likely create conduits that contribute to bridging the distance that we may be experiencing. Being attuned to the manifestation of God through these configurations opens us up to new ways of seeing and perceiving the multifarious touching points between us and the great and mysterious I Am.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery