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October 28, 2013

Reflection for the Week- October 28th, 2013

Charity, grace, and love combined with a hunger for truth, should exemplify the lives of Christians. Today is the day that now more than ever calls for a growing and observable reciprocity between what we say and do. As empty lives, broken hearts, and shattered idols have accelerated dramatically in our times, a credible testimony to Christ becomes all the more important and essential to a world that is looking for hope in the midst of despair.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

October 21, 2013

Reflection for the Week- October 21st, 2013

The failure of the grand narrative of modernity – achieving it all: absolutism, progress, reason – is shattered. Its replacement is the master narrative of post-modernity – achieving nothing: relativism, play, contradiction. The former attempted to construct a unified story for all humanity, while the latter left behind shards, fragments, and sub-plots with no beginning or end. Unfortunately, many Christians have bought into one or the other of these story lines and uncritically woven it into the biblical faith. Moving away from the power schemes of modern or post-modern meta-narratives is an essential task for believers, if we are to be able to present the gospel in a credible and persuasive manner to a world that has lost its way.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

October 14, 2013

Reflection for the Week- October 14th, 2013

The demise of pseudo-Christianity in the West is well underway, and rightly so. There are many changes needed to re-present a real faith, but one shift that is essential is for Christians to wake up to having a well thought out belief. Thinking is not poison and it is important to wrestle with ideas in a credible manner, whether we are engaging believers or not. Respectfully listening to and learning from others will enhance our integrity and ability to communicate without forfeiting our freedom to disagree when that runs contrary to God’s truth and love. Escapism and ignorance are not representative of belonging to the living God, who calls us to connect with the world and others, and to participate in shining light into dark places by bringing sufficient explanations into the theater of life and death.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery

October 07, 2013

Reflection for the Week- October 7th, 2013

There is a place in living Christian spirituality for being responsible. God wants us to care for what has been given and to accomplish what we can in its midst. Don’t fear doing something well, that is, to the best of your ability, as if God would somehow be against this. Go for it! And if you get there, forget about being arrogant, but by all means do enjoy the moment and appreciate God’s applause.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery