L'Abri Fellowship
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Lecture Schedule

Summer Lectures, 2014

For current information on exact dates and times or possible changes please send an e-mail to: swiss@labri.org

Lectures usually take place on Wednesday 14:00 and Friday 9:00 unless as otherwise noted below.

We will be having an Arts Week this summer from June 23-28, 2014. We will have two guest speakers during this time.

Dr. Lew Klatt
is a professor of English literature at Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan and his lectures are entitled 'The Artifice of Eternity: Notes Toward a Christian Poetics.'

Daniela Franco is a former student and practicing artist in Paris. She will be speaking on contemporary art, her own work, and the relationship between art and spirituality.

- We will also be having a number of other activities during the week including a creative writing workshop, a performance/lecture by Mckenzie Kramer, a swing dance, and a student art show.

Dr. Christina Van Dyke, a professor of philosophy from Calvin College, will be speaking during the week of June 30-July 6.

John Patten will be speaking on July 2 on the topic of Reconciliation.

Dr. Gregory J. Laughery will give several talks on his books: Living Spiritual Rhythms – Volumes 1-4.

Susanna Young will be doing a review of Paul Ricoeur's book 'The Symbolism of Evil.'